Tired of Hectic Life? Here Are A Few Simple Tips To Boost Your Mental Health!

Lovely Mangla
3 min readAug 20, 2022

Life can be tricky at times. The hustle and bustle of life can impact your mental and physical health. Depression, stress, and anxiety are affecting more and more adults worldwide. According to a report released by World Health Organization, nearly 280 million people worldwide are affected by depression alone. That said, managing your feelings to maintain overall well–being has become more critical than ever.

Nevertheless, keeping up with your hustles while maintaining your mental health isn’t an easy feat. A few simple steps, daily habits, and professional guidance is the surefire way to improve your mental and emotional health. To help you get started on the path of mental well-being, here are the simple yet effective things you can incorporate into your daily routine. Check out!

Start Your Day With Positive Vibes

Instead of reaching out to your phone in the morning, start your day with some positive vibes. Acknowledge and appreciate the good people and good things in your life. Remember, there might not be big things happening every day, but there are small things you can acknowledge.

Talk to the people around you, laugh, and feel gratitude. Try to write three things or people that make you happy and express gratitude. Practicing such a thing in the morning is a great way to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Be Cautious While Eating

To remain healthy from within, you need to give your body and brain the right fuel. This helps your brain to function adequately and keep the depressing thoughts at bay. Whenever you feel sad or low, treat yourself to your favorite food (maybe ice cream!).

Pay extra attention to the diet you choose. Instead of going with processed foods filled with saturated fat and processed sugar, add vegetables and fruits full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Not sure what to add to your food list? Try out the Mediterranean diet composed of olive oil, beans, nuts, bread, vegetables, potatoes, seeds, and more.

Get Enough Sound Sleep

In today’s highly pressurized and competitive era, it’s hard for people to get enough good sound. As a result, they harm their mental and physical health beyond repair. To lift your mental and emotional health, it’s best to rush to sleep when those eye starts shutting.

Remember, low-quality sleep can harm your next day too. You will feel irritated, which reduces your ability to remain productive. That is why it’s crucial to get enough sleep by avoiding electronic devices at least one hour before bed. This way, you can not only remain physically healthy but can also boost your mental health.

Don’t Skip Exercises

If you want to stay productive, you must remain active. CDC recommends staying active as it can boost your brain health, keep your heart healthy and help you maintain a healthy weight. What’s more, exercising stimulates endorphins release. As a result, your body will get rid of unwanted and high levels of stress.

Experts say that a 20-minute exercise every day stimulates dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin release — which leads to improved mood. Even if you can’t exercise, try to go for a walk and enjoy the beauty of nature. It will help you to find your way out of the stressful and frustrating situation.

Bonus Tip!

Staying strong in every facet of your life is not easy. If you feel the darkness of your life engulfing you, try to communicate with your loved ones. A talk with a friend or a family member can put a full stop to your stress. It will help you find a silver lining in the struggling situation.

Final Thoughts

Depression, anxiety, and stress are the three major problems that can destroy one’s life. Before the stress piles up, try and get rid of the dark clouds. Focus on your achievements and potential rather than pressurizing yourself to be better. You’re better the way you are — so be yourself and enjoy your life to the fullest.



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