Pet Parent? Steal the Secret To Double Up the Age of Your Beloved Dog!

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For a pet owner, the health of their dog is of utmost importance. Whether you’ve recently brought a cute little puppy home or you’ve been the owner of a lazy labrador for years, you are probably going to worry about his life expectancy one day. As the average lifespan of a dog is nearly 10–15 years, pet parents go above and beyond to keep their buddies healthy.

Have you ever thought about how each passing year can affect your dog’s health? If not, it’s time to think! Pet parents need to focus not only on creating a happy home environment but also care for their pets to make a difference. The sooner you start caring for your furry friend, the better it is going to be.

Want some help? Here are the simple tips to add years to your dog’s life and keep it physically healthy.

Focus on Healthy Diet

Excessive fat harms everyone, be it a human or a dog. When dogs get obese, their body becomes health ailments. Experts say obesity in dogs leads to damaged joints, unhealthy hearts, and reduced functionality of the respiratory system. The best way to keep unwanted diseases at bay is by choosing a healthy diet.

Instead of restricting your dog’s diet to either meat or plant, try to incorporate both in the appropriate quantities. Always double-check whether the food is recognized by the American Association of Feed Control Officials. Check all the ingredients present in the feed to ensure you’re giving the best meal to your beloved four-legged friend.

Don’t Neglect the Dental Care

Dental care is the most crucial aspect of uplifting the overall health of your puppy. As they say, “teeth are the main window that makes way to the rest of the body.” That said — if your canine friend has excessive bacteria and germs in their mouth, they can transfer to the stomach quickly. As a result, it can cause irreversible damage to the kidney, heart, and liver.

The best way to avoid dental problems is by brushing the teeth of your dog — once, twice, thrice a day. You need to focus on choosing some of the best dental products available on the market that improve overall dental health. Best yet, it’s best to talk to the veterinarian of your dog for expert advice. They can help you with some dental care tips along with some clinically approved products.

Think Twice Before Skipping Exercise

If you think only a balanced diet can help your dog stay strong and live longer, think twice! Regular exercising is a can’t-miss aspect of keeping your lazy pet in good shape. Studies reveal that regular exercise can reduce stress, balance emotions, boost mood, and increase endorphins.

A short walk, a playful activity, or a jog with your canine friend is the surefire way to keep its cardiovascular system healthy, reduce anxiety and boost its overall life quality. And the best part is — regular physical activity and spending time with your dog will strengthen your bond and extend your dog’s life.

Regular Check-Up By Experts

Finally, expert advice is vital! You aren’t supposed to neglect the timely detection of diseases. A careful follow-up of the vaccination chart is another way to help your pet pooch remain healthy. If you’re a proud parent of a cute puppy, take him to an experienced vet at least 3–4 times a year. As a parent of an adult dog, it is advised to visit the vet once a year, if not more!

Bonus Tip!

Pay extra attention to your four-legged friend’s health when they start to age. For instance, you can consider going for your dog’s eye check-up and incorporating exercises that boost their eye health. If your dog feels bored, let them play with puzzle toys or watch the dog TV on YouTube.

Final Verdict

Remember, your furry friend is dependent on you for its well-being, look after, and existence. Be sure to spend your time with it, go for a brisk walk, and strike a perfect balance in its life. Happy Parenting!

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